The NEEMA FOUNDATION gives direct aid to the Baraka Children’s Home in Kwale, Kenya.
Kwale is an impoverished area with high levels of illiteracy, unemployment and crime.
The Baraka Home shelters 15 traumatized children whose parents have died of Aids and it gives support as well to 4 children with HIV or Aids and their sick mothers. In their home communities they are treated as outcasts.

GOOD EDUCATION is also a priority of the Foundation, but it cannot as yet afford to send all the children to a good school.

Neema seeks school donors for € 25, - per month
But……….  All money is very welcome to our bank account.

IBAN:    NL84INGB004831048

The Board in Kwale is made up entirely of women and their first concern is the welfare of the children.

Neema runs a small-scale operation.

We work towards tangible and concrete targets.

We know the local area.

We keep administration costs to a minimum.

We require full bookkeeping with details of all payments made by Neema in Kenya.

We account for all financial matters.

We try to visit the Children’s Home two times a year at our own expense.

We aim to help establish the Baraka Home as a self-sufficient institution.

   Baraka Children's Home
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